5 Tips to Handle the College Audition Results Waiting Game (Student Edition)

5 Tips to Handle the College Audition Results Waiting Game

Keep the intro, cut the verses

And the waiting, the waiting

The waiting, the waiting, THE WAITING!

- "I Know It's Today" (Shrek)

After months (or even years) of determined college audition prep, your college auditions are finally over! You have obsessed over selecting the perfect college audition songs and college audition monologues, survived the pre-screen filming process, spent many late nights writing endless supplemental college essays, crammed in extra dance classes, added some last minute college choices to your lists, etc., ALL while trying to rock your performances in your high school shows, maintain your GPA, and hold on to some insanity. And what do you get as a reward for being a serious college audition rockstar? The March (and April) waiting game!

If you are waiting for your college audition results by the mailbox, obsessively checking your email, or freaking out about any mysterious unknown phone numbers like this...

Here are 5 Tips to Handle

The College Audition Results Waiting Game

(Student Edition)

1. Spend time with your friends and family.

Whether your friends also have been running around to college auditions or have been done with their college applications for months now, you don't have to say, "I can't...I have college auditions" anymore! Savor this time with your friends (and family) and allow yourself to enjoy all of the fun things that you have been saying no to because you have been in college audition mode.

2. Write down all of your thoughts about each college.

As a college audition acting coach, I ask my students to tell me their thoughts on each college audition interaction while they are still fresh, so that I can keep a log of the vibe at each college. If you auditioned at 10+ colleges (some all the way back in the fall), they all might blur together when the acceptances roll in and you are trying to make a final decision. The process of writing it all out also will feel therapeutic!

3. Don't second guess yourself or your college audition process.

It's so easy to wait in agony replaying every audition in your mind. It's so easy to regret not applying to more colleges or not practicing more or not being prepared enough for that interview portion of the college audition. Trust that you brought your best at that exact moment to every college audition. Remember that they are looking for potential, not perfection.

4. Make a list of everything you have learned about yourself during your college audition p