Overdone Uptempo Audition Songs

You stand outside the audition room, taking those last deep breaths to calm down your nerves before going in. Your hair is on point. Outfit perfect. Book open to your audition song. You are warmed up and ready to walk in and shine like the star you are...and then you hear the girl (or guy) before you through the door starting to sing YOUR EXACT SAME SONG!

You start to get panicked. Flip through your book frantically. Maybe I should change my song? GAH!!! What should I sing? Maybe I can sing it better. And then she (or he) hits the high note....flawlessly...

The audition door opens. She (he) walks out with that "Nailed it!" attitude. You're next and you're feeling a little like....

We want you to avoid that "GAH!!!" moment, so to help you all have the best auditions possible, we have put together some of the top overdone uptempo audition songs for women and men that you definitely should avoid at your next audition.

This week's feature:

Overdone Uptempo Audition Songs

Overdone Female Uptempo Songs

  1. "Adelaide's Lament" (Guys and Dolls)

  2. "Always True To You In My Fashion" (Kiss Me, Kate)

  3. "Don't Rain on my Parade" (Funny Girl)

  4. "I Cain't Say No" (Oklahoma!)

  5. "I Could Have Danced All Night" (My Fair Lady)

  6. "I Enjoy Being a Girl" (Flower Drum Song)

  7. "In My Own Little Corner" (Cinderella)

  8. "Gimme Gimme" (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

  9. "Popular" (Wicked)

  10. "Screwloose" (Crybaby)

Overdone Male Uptempo Songs