Class of 2018-2021 Final Decisions

We accept a small roster of College Audition Prep Musical Theatre & Acting students every year. Dedicated to each student's personal success, our goal is to prepare, mentor, and guide each student ultimately to the best fit arts college program. We are proud to have a 100% success rate with each College Audition Prep student admitted on average to 3-4 audition programs!

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College Audition Prep Classes of 2018-2021 committed to below!

★ Class of 2018 Final College Decisions 

★ Class of 2020 Final College Decisions 

Macy Michigan .jpg
Macy McKown
University of Michigan
BFA Musical Theatre
hartt school Erika.jpg
Erika Spondike
   The Hartt School      
BFA Musical Theatre
Catherine Penn state.jpg
Catherine Crimmins
Penn State University
BFA Acting
Hannah shine.jpg
Hannah Heil
      NYU Steinhardt         BM Musical Theatre
Nathan shine.jpg
  Nathan Jainchill     Columbia College Chicago
BFA Acting
Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 1.38.51 PM.png
    Will Dooley    
Boston College
BA  Theatre & Political Science
Maddy shine.jpg
  Maddy Stillman  
NYU Tisch
BFA Musical Theatre
ian shine.jpg
Ian McCain
   Pace University      
BFA Acting: Film/TV
katie msg.jpg
Katie Krasovec
Missouri State University
BFA Musical Theatre
Aly shine.jpg
Aly Milan
 University of Memphis  BFA Musical Theatre
grace shine.jpg
    Grace Rucci      Otterbein University 
BFA Acting
melissa shine .jpg
   Melissa Foreman
 Temple University 
BFA Musical Theatre
Colton occur.jpg
Colton Stricklin
Oklahoma City University
BM Musical Theatre
Julia shine-2.jpg
Julia Kelley
    Boston Conservatory      
BFA Musical Theatre
paige lebs shine.jpg
Paige Lebs
University of Oklahoma
BFA Acting
Jennie shine.jpg
Jennie Burchette
  Point Park University     BFA Musical Theatre
kaylila ocu.jpg
  Kaylila Pasha     
Oklahoma City University BFA Acting
cameron shine.jpg
  Cameron Kittell     Bucknell University 
BA Acting,
Arts Merit Fellow

★ Class of 2019 Final College Decisions 

gianna final shine.jpg
Gianna Hoffman
             UNCSA              BFA Acting
Davian shine.jpg
Davian Thomas
   Syracuse University      
BFA Musical Theatre
naomi shine.jpg
Naomi Mullins
Ohio University
BFA Musical Theatre
Emmy Shine.jpg
Emmy Daniels
  Oklahoma City University BM Musical Theatre
faith shine.jpg
  Faith  Sterling    
BA Acting
Sadie shine.jpg
  Sadie Koopman    Oklahoma City University 
BM MT+Vocal Performance
sara Straub shine.jpg
             Sara Straub                 Ohio University
BFA Musical Theatre
mcccall shine.jpg
  McCall McCarty    University of Oklahoma
BFA Acting
sujaya shine elon.jpg
  Sujaya Sunkara  
Elon University
BFA Musical Theatre
sara safari shine.jpg
Sara Safari
   Point Park University      
BFA Musical Theatre
walker shine.jpg
Walker Ucherek
Oklahoma City University
BM MT+Vocal Performance
becca wvu.jpg
Becca Hyde
 West Virginia University  BFA Musical Theatre
Molly shine.jpg
    Molly Tucker     Ohio University 
BFA Musical Theatre
isabel shine.jpg
    Isabel Wollerman     Nazareth College 
BFA Musical Theatre
reagan shine.jpg
      Reagan Curry             Ohio Northern University 
BFA Musical Theatre
Molly erwin shine.jpg
  Molly Erwin  
BA Acting
Hailey shine.jpg
  Hailey Palmer  
Oklahoma City University
BM MT+Vocal Performance
emma shine.jpg
Emma Fullen
  Ball State University      
BFA Musical Theatre
Fiona shine.jpg
Fiona Lyngstad-Hughes
Ohio University
BFA Musical Theatre
Piper Uarts shine.jpg
Piper Loebach
 University of the Arts    BFA Musical Theatre
bret shine.jpg
   Bret Williams     Oklahoma City University 
BFA Acting
Olivia American shine.jpg
    Olivia Bellusci     American University 
BA Acting
Maya shine.jpg
      Maya O'Neill             Lyric Theatre@U of Illinois 
BMA Performance

★ Class of 2020 Final College Decisions 

Riley tisch 2020.jpg
Riley Stephens
             NYU Tisch              BFA Musical Theatre
cassie s. 2020.jpg
Cassandra Schafer
 DePaul University  
BFA Acting
liv 2020.jpg
Liv Carlin
Molloy College/CAP 21
BFA Musical Theatre
Ariela 2020.jpg
Ariela Pineda
  Point Park University 
BFA Acting
Jessica 2020.jpg
  Jessica Fink  
BA Musical Theatre
Sadie 2020.jpg
  Sadie Cavalancia   Roosevelt/CCPA 
BFA Musical Theatre
cassie Lloyd  2020.jpg
         Cassie Lloyd             Nazareth College
BFA Musical Theatre
Aubrey 2020.jpg
  Aubrey Miller  
Catholic U of America
BM Musical Theatre
dylan 2020.jpg
         Dylan Fineman                Boston University       BFA Acting
Celine 2020.jpg
Celine Sullivan Rider University 
BFA Musical Theatre
Colby webster 2020.jpg
Colby Willis
Webster Conservatory
BFA Acting
Kaylee 2020.jpg
Kaylee Reininga
  Boston Conservatory 
BFA Musical Theatre
Evan 2020.jpg
  Evan Moore  
Oklahoma City University
BM Musical Theatre
Mackenzie 2020.jpg
  MacKenzie Paige  Belmont University 
BM Vocal Performance
jackson 2020.jpg
     Jackson Gifford     Otterbein University
BFA Musical Theatre
becca 2020.jpg
  Becca Worthington 
Texas Tech University
BFA Musical Theatre
matt msm 2020.jpg
  Matthew Greer 
Manhattan School of Music
BM Musical Theatre
kennedy 2020.jpg
Kennedy Perez
     Boston Conservatory        BFA Musical Theatre 
annelise smu 2020.jpg
Annelise Wall
Southern Methodist U
BFA Acting
alex 2020.jpg
Alex Orr
Temple University
BFA Musical Theatre
Kira 2020.jpg
Kira Williams
  Azusa Pacific University BFA Acting
lily 2020.jpg
  Lily Boulard    
Ohio University
BFA Musical Theatre
wray 2020.jpg
  Wray Szenderski University of Tampa
BFA Musical Theatre
allie 2020.jpg
             Allie Koch                Arcadia University
BFA Acting
gretchen 2020.jpg
  Gretchen Bush   Oklahoma City University
BM Music Education

★ Class of 2021 Final College Decisions 

Malvi 2021 college announcement.jpg
Malvi Lucchini
      Syracuse University        BFA Musical Theatre
Mo 2021 College Announcement OCU.jpg
Mo Morrissey
 Oklahoma City University  
BM Musical Theatre
Ella 2021 College Announvement.jpg
Ella Phillips
Marymount Manhattan
BFA Musical Theatre
Isabella 2021 college announcement.jpg
Isabella Acuña
  Fordham @ Lincoln Center
BA Acting
Sadie 2021 College Announcement.jpg
  Sadie Margolis 
Elon University
BA Vocal Performance
Alexandra 2021 American announcement.jpg
Alexandra Asmuth
American University 
BA Musical Theatre
Rachael 2021 College Announcement.jpg
         Rachael DeBoer            Loyola Marymount
BA Acting
Drake 2021 College Announcement.jpg
  Drake Daboul   
Penn State
BFA Acting
Gabi 2021 college announcement.jpg
  Gabi Fernandez-Herrera   
San Diego State
BA Theatre Performance
Gage 2021 college announcement.jpg
Gage Gardiner
          Penn State             BFA Musical Theatre
Ahlanna 2021 college Announcement.jpg
Ahlanna Russell
 Ithaca College  
BFA Musical Theatre
Lili 2021 College announcement.jpg
Lili Tarnopol
Northwestern University
BA Theatre & Biology
Sophia 2021 College Announcement.jpg
Sophia Vanella
  Belmont University 
BM Commercial Music
Owen 2021 college announcement.jpg
 Owen Ides  
Temple University
BFA Musical Theatre
Kori 2021 College Announcement.jpg
  Kori Schwarz
University of Texas-Austin 
BA Acting
Jack 2021 College Announcement.jpg
         Jack Jones            Roosevelt University CCPA
BFA Musical Theatre
Mikaela 2021 college announcement.jpg
  Mikaela Bonilla   
Molloy College/CAP 21
BFA Musical Theatre
Reed Ohio U Acting.jpg
  Reed Hickerson   
Ohio University
BFA Acting
Greta NYU college announcement 2021 acti
Greta Haverstick
             NYU Tisch              BFA Acting
Kaity UCLA.jpg
Kaity Cairo
BA Acting
Tyler 2021 College Announcement.jpg
Tyler Palma
Rutgers Mason Gross
BFA Acting
Elizabeth 2021 College Announcement.jpg
Elizabeth Vichness
  Muhlenberg College 
BA MT Track & Arts Admin
Mira 2021 college announcement.jpg
  Mira Steuer  
Ohio University
BFA Film
Michele 2021 College Announcement.jpg
 Michele Cohen
University of Pittsburgh 
BA Journalism
Elena 2021 College Announcement.jpg
         Elena Dollinger            Ohio State University
BA Theatre w/ MT Minor
Rowan 2021 college announcement.jpg
  Rowan Lovering   
Drake University
BFA Musical Theatre
Lucia 2021 College Announcement.jpg
  Lucia Iurino   
St. Olaf College
BM Vocal Performance,
BA Theatre & Russian

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