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About Us

Arriving early to their meet and greet rehearsal for Bryan Williams’ musical Lighthouse, Tom and Caroline first met outside a rehearsal studio in New York City back in September 2010. They both lived in Washington Heights (1 stop away from each other! #fate) and became instant friends on their subway rehearsal rides home. They realized very quickly that they shared an incredible passion for the arts, undeniably similar work ethics, and a love for everything Audra McDonald. 


Fast forward to 2011. Caroline was working as a voice instructor at a private studio in Connecticut and she recommended Tom for an acting instructor position. They began training students side-by-side and the daily subway rides of their Lighthouse days became weekly train rides. They realized very quickly that their shared vocabulary, dedication to student progress, and attention to detail yielded remarkable results.  


Fast forward to 2013. They both noticed the strong industry trend of colleges and professional theatre companies asking students to submit pre-screen video auditions and professional actors to submit video auditions. Growing up in small towns with limited acting and voice coaching resources, they knew that they always wanted to somehow bring a NYC level of expertise/training to students across the country. Why not work with students through online training? Polish Your Passion looks forward to helping students across the country to reach their stars from wherever they are.


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