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Online Singing Lessons & Singing Coaches

Our Singing Coaches are ready to help you shine!  Our one-on-one, online singing lessons allow you to start your singing training by establishing a strong vocal technique foundation, refine your singing technique, work on developing a new part of your singing range (i.e. how to belt), or exploring a new or favorite music genre—musical theatre to opera to jazz to pop/rock to singer/songwriter. Our Singing Coaches help you improve your singing voice, while focusing on vocal health. Our goal is to help you to learn how to sing better in the healthiest way possible!


Our Singing Coaches are professional NYC singers and performers with graduate level training (M.M. in Voice Performance/Pedagogy). They are up-to-date on the latest singing trends, trained to teach singing in all different music styles in your online singing lessons, and are experts on the audition process. They have worked with students of all ages on a range of singing material available throughout the musical theatre, classical voice, jazz, contemporary, and pop/rock music canon.

In your one-on-one, online singing lesson with your Singing Coach via Skype/FaceTime, you will choose a singing goal in your first online singing lesson (as specific as how to strengthen your mix or how to sing an Italian aria or as general as how to sing high notes) and you will receive a hand-selected song that matches your goal. In your online singing lessons, you will work on singing and vocal exercises that help improve your singing technique for that specific song and explore that song in-depth with your singing coach, learning the notes and rhythm of the song, applying solid vocal technique, and learning how to perform the song. You will also receive a Singing Warm-up Video Series to practice between singing lesson and auditions and a professional quality accompaniment track of your song to practice with.

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Meet the Singing Coaches

Meet Co-founder & Singing Coach

☆ Caroline Selia ☆ 

Caroline Selia is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she also completed her B.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon University. She completed her M.M. degree at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. As a singing coach, Ms. Selia has  taught at The Studio of Performing Arts in New Canaan, 74th St. Magic NYC, KCMO Theatre Magic, and most recently, the Statement Arts program, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual and performing arts to underserved/low-income students.

Ms. Selia has performed with American Idol finalist and B'way veteran Diana DeGarmo at Birdland Jazz Club. Her most recent musical theatre credits include: Claire in Class: a New Musical  by Karl Michael Johnson & Alex Beech and Elsa in A Bump in the Road by Michael von der Nahmer & Emily Roller directed by Tony nominee Jerry Dixon & Nick Corely. She also sang the role of Cecilia in Wednesday Before Last written by Kristin Hevner, Daniel Wyatt, & Royce Vavrek as well as the role of Jane in One Hot Kitchen by Kristin Hevner Wyatt, Daniel Wyatt, & David Caudle produced by The Medicine Show Theatre, NYC. She also has sung extensively throughout Europe, winning awards for her performance in Graz, Austria & sings the National Anthem for the NY Knicks.

Ms. Selia's television & film credits include: Redneck Rehab ep. 104 (Country Music Television), Dog Park (Rowman Productions), and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC). She also has featured vocals on the dance/electronica song "Waiting for Me" by DJ Eddie Essa and is continuing to work on musical collaborations.

☆ Q & A with Caroline ☆

Current Audition Song & Monologue:       “Diva’s Lament" from Spamalot 

                                                                  Cleopatra from Antony & Cleopatra


Special Skills: Piano, Sara Ramirez look-a-like, & awesome French/Spanish accent


Who inspires you?: My nephews & my amazing students!


First Broadway show you ever saw: The Full Monty


Favorite musical of ALL time: West Side Story


Broadway/Film star you would most love to perform with: Audra McDonald


Favorite Movie when you were a kid: Beaches starring Bette Midler


First tape/CD you ever owned: Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”


Pop culture guilty pleasure: Binge watching 90s TV shows on Netflix & Snapchat!



Most memorable role in high school musical: Jasmine in Aladdin


Crazy audition story: I was once asked to sing in 5 different styles: pop/rock, classic &     contemporary musical theatre, jazz, & opera! ps) got the call back!!!


Three things you can’t live without: Red lipstick, Yogi tea, & headphones!


Favorite thing about New York City: Singing while walking down the street is a totally             normal thing and I do it ALL the time :)

Voice Teacher, Singer, Actress, Performer, Carnegie Mellon University

Singin' in the Rain 

16 years old

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Meet Singing Coach

☆ Aidan Davis ☆ 

Aidan Davis is originally from beautiful Lewisburg, PA. He has been in love with music and performing his entire life and began his musical journey at age 5 with piano lessons. By his high school graduation, Aidan had competed and performed singing and playing in 12 different states and 3 countries. 


Aidan earned a triple B.A. at Indiana Wesleyan in Voice Performance/Music Theory & Composition/Church Music and then his M.M. in Voice Performance/Pedagogy at the Cleveland Institute of Music and Penn State (WE ARE!). 


As an actor and singer, Aidan has appeared off-Broadway in numerous operatic and musical theater productions including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Pirates of Penzance, Les ars florrisons, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Magic Flute. Aidan has also appeared in commercials/advertising for major brands like Axe and shows like Smash and Royal Pains.


Aidan has been teaching private voice lessons for over ten years and is comfortable in teaching students of all ages across multiple singing styles from pop to musical theater to opera. Aidan currently teaches full-time at Northside Charter High School outside Williamsburg, maintains a set of private students who sing on and off Broadway, and serves as musical director for various musical theater non-profit programs, soloists, and theater companies throughout NYC.

☆ Q & A with Aidan ☆

Current Audition Song & Monologue: "Out There" from Hunchback of Notre Dame

                                                            Carter's monologue from Fat Pig by Neil Labute


Special Skills: I'm actually a pretty great whistler (vibrato and rapid arpeggiated passages too!) 


What inspires you? Sunsets & Sunrises, being in the forest, walking through NYC alone, Beethoven 6th Symphony, Dvorak 9th Symphony


First Broadway show you ever saw: Phantom of the Opera


Favorite play of ALL time: The Importance of Being Earnest


Broadway star you would most love to perform with: Kristin Chenoweth


Favorite Movie when you were a kid: The Sound of Music


First tape/CD you ever owned: Ace of Base - The Sign


Pop culture guilty pleasure: Old MGM Movie Musicals


Most memorable role in high school musical: Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Crazy audition story: I was once asked to tell an embarrassing story from my past. I decided to go all in and told a rather grossly embarrassing story and immediately regretted disclosing it! 


Three things you can’t live without: Coffee, Sour Patch Kids, music


Favorite thing about New York City: Being able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it!



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