Overdone Contemporary Audition Monologues

A great contemporary audition monologue can be the hardest audition material to find. Although there are easily tens of thousands of contemporary plays out there (compared to the 37 plays that Shakespeare wrote that we have to select classical college audition material from), contemporary playwrights often write great, "back-and-forth" dialogue and don't always let their characters talk non-stop for 1-2 minutes.

We are all tempted to look through those audition monologue books that offer the "Best Under 2 Minute Contemporary Audition Monologues."

I mean...they look so super shiny and magical on the shelf. Like someone placed exactly what you needed there, just for you, at the exact moment you needed it the most...


Monologue books and "Great Audition Monologue" Google searches are going to lead down the dark path of choosing an overdone audition monologue. And seriously, why would you want the audition panel at your dream college or dream show feel like this...

So to help you all "Nail it!" with your audition material selection, we have put together some of the top overdone contemporary audition monologues for women and men that you definitely should avoid at your next audition.

This week's feature:

Overdone Contemporary Audition Monologues

Overdone Female Contemporary Monologues

  1. And Turning, Stay by Kellie Powell (Amy): "Don't you dare walk away from me! And don't tell me you're sorry!"

  2. Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon (Nora): "Oh, God, he was so handsome. Always dressed so dapper, his shoes always shined..."

  3. 'Dentity Crisis by Christopher Durang (Jane): "Peter Pan" monologue