Introducing... "My WORST College Moment!"

My Worst College Audition

You’ve been preparing for your college audition for months, maybe even years, and today is the day that you walk into the room, and hopefully, kick some serious butt! All auditions can be stressful, but the “college audition” is the first audition in your life that can feel more than just important – it determines where you spend the next 4 years of your life! And as much as you practice and polish those amazing songs, monologues, and dance steps, sometimes, life happens.

Falling Down Moment

Everything from falling down the stairs after you rocked that high note (true story - happened to me at Baldwin Wallace!) to walking into the audition room with your brother’s math binder can happen in an instant. It’s how you deal with these unexpected moments that makes the magic happen, and so in that spirit, Polish Your Passion sat down with some of Broadway’s most talented performers and asked them…

“What was your WORST college audition moment?”