5 Reasons Why a Pre-College Program is the Perfect Summer Choice!

Pre-College Summer Programs for High School Performing Arts Students

Are you a freshman, sophomore, or junior in high school having trouble deciding between applying for BA or BFA programs? Do you want to take your training to the next level? Does the idea of spending the summer with other talented students from across the country who share your same passion sound so much better than waking up at 6am for a lifeguard shift?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then a pre-college acting, musical theatre, voice, or dance summer program is a perfect choice for you. It may still be winter, but it’s time to seriously consider how you are going to spend your summer!

1. Test Drive the BFA before you Commit

The age-old BFA vs. BA debate. A BFA will allow you to focus on your craft for four years; a BA will allow you to double major and pursue many passions. How can you decide if a BFA is truly the right path for you?

A pre-college program is the best way to make absolutely sure that a BFA is your college path. You want to be 100% positive before you commit to the college audition process, dedicate your college career to this course of study, and pay for four years of a college education (seriously, you wouldn’t buy a $200,000 car without taking it for a test drive first). Because pre-college programs mimic the intensive training-focused BFA course of study, you will spend 4-6 weeks, 7 days a week, sometimes from 8am-10pm, eating, breathing, and sleeping your passion. If you love it, game on. If you miss science, history, or other liberal arts classes, then maybe another degree option is a better fit.

2. Get the Extra Edge in College Admissions

Whether you come out of the summer deciding that you definitely want to apply to BFA programs, BA programs, or a combination of both to keep your options open, spending your summer training in a pre-college program will help you no matter which track you ultimately choose.

Let’s pretend you are an admissions counselor. If you had to choose between Candidate A (who dedicated the summer to intense performance training) or Candidate B (who spent the summer lounging by the pool and having fun with friends), who would you choose? It’s a #NoBrainer, right?