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We are so beyond obsessed with the Tony Awards® and Carnegie Mellon University’s #NOMINATEMYTEACHER search for the inaugural Excellence in Theatre Education Award. If you haven't heard about it, check it out here! 


Growing up in small towns, we were so lucky to have worked with theatre educators who taught us not only that we had the potential to pursue our dreams, but that it was ok to be a theatre nerd. Their passion and dedication have quite literally changed our lives.


We are so inspired by #NOMINATEMYTEACHER that we want to help out in the best way we know how...through video feedback!


Submit a draft of the “Tell Us the Story” portion of your nomination either through video or essay form and we will send you our #TonyShine video feedback for FREE (within 2 business days)! No strings attached. No small print. It’s the very least we can do to thank all of our teachers who have impacted us along the way and continue to inspire us today. Please submit your draft by no later than MARCH 25, 2015.


For some of our #NominateMyTeacher tips, click here


We want to polish your application, so that you and your nominee will SHINE!








Disclaimer: Polish Your Passion, LLC and its coaches are in no way affiliated nor endorsed by the Tony Awards® or Carnegie Mellon University. For real. We just want to help out because we are obsessed and inspired. We are in no way, shape, or form in contact with the Tony Committee and our feedback is based solely on our own experience, expertise, and education. We have no power or say whatsoever in helping them choose who is selected for this honor...although we always secretly hope that they will create a new category "Best Actress of All Time," so that Audra McDonald can win her 7th Tony Award®. We love you Audra. Seriously. 

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