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NYC Pre-Screen Video Filming 

We've got your pre-screen video audition filming experience covered from start to finish:
  1. FaceTime/Skype Consultation with singing, acting, and/or dance college audition coaches
★ Go over your pre-screen filming requirements for every college on your list, so you don't miss a single detail and make sure you are prepared and organized for your pre-screen filming date
2. Film all of your pre-screen video requirements in one all-inclusive NYC session
★ Record in a fully-equipped professional NYC studio with a professional team of videographer, accompanist, and Polish Your Passion college audition coaches, so you shine in every pre-screen video clip
3. Receive fully edited HD pre-screen video clips tailored to every college's unique pre-screen video requirements
★ Within one week or less, you will receive all combinations of pre-screen video clips (edited to fulfill each college's requirements and labeled by college name), so that you can easily upload to your pre-screen applications and apply away!

Our 2021/22 Pre-Screen "Pass List"

★ University of Michigan

★ Carnegie Mellon University

★ Syracuse University

★ Penn State 

★ University of Oklahoma

★ Ithaca College

★ Pace University

★ Elon University 

★ Texas State University

★ Shenandoah Conservatory

★ Chapman University 

★ DePaul University 

★ Emerson College

★ University of Alabama

★ Boston Conservatory


★ Temple University

★ Florida State University

★ University of Central Florida

★ University of Miami 

★ Illinois Wesleyan University 

★ Indiana University 

★ NYU Steinhardt 

★ Rider University 

★ Texas Christian University 

★ Coastal Carolina University

★ Texas Tech University 

★ Viterbo University

Interested in hearing more about our 2022 NYC pre-screen filming & editing rates and remaining availability?

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Fill out the form below! We look forward to helping you SHINE for your pre-screens!

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