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"What's the buzz?!?"


“They have this pervasive joy about imparting their knowledge to Erin. It just draws you in. They’re happy, exciting, wonderful people to be around. What a great learning environment that is for anyone!"


Virginia, Teacher & Mom of Erin (age 16)



“Just like what I'd get at a normal master class, except I got it online and I could access it anytime I wanted to."


Ethan, Junior @ LaGaurdia 



"It shed some light on some things that I totally hadn't thought about, which was so helpful. So it gave me that push to go forth and CONQUER!" 


Katie, Sophomore @ Fordham University



"I learned things I'd never be able to notice on my own!" 


Daniel, Recent Graduate from The Boston Conservatory



"You were very positive in how you'd frame the adjustments, so I knew exactly what to change."


Daniela, Freshman @ The HARTT School



"I found it so cool that we were both watching me at the same time and I could also see you guys. I really liked that. It was very clear. 'Now we are going to this measure at this time.' I knew exactly what you were talking about. It was just really helpful feedback and so easy to see."


Hanna, Freshman @ Oberlin


"I am a more confident performer. When I go into an audition, I feel so much better going in and saying, ‘I know I can do this and I know other people believe in me.’ It makes it a lot easier to put myself out there.”


Eloise, Sophomore @ University of Chicago 


“I grew so much as an actor and performer from them. They are extremely thorough in their work, challenged me, made me think, and so unbelievably personable. Even if I was having a bad day, I cannot think of a time I left one of their lessons without a smile on my face."


Rebecca, Sophomore @ University of Southern California


“I noticed a definite change in my voice in terms of where my placement was, my breathing, my fear of belting went down a lot. My voice was more focused. I didn’t have to push so much and I just wasn’t scared that I would completely run down my voice.”


Juliane, AEA Musical Theatre Actress


“They are so supportive and so kind and positive, they really make you feel like you have a safe space to work and play. It’s been a life changer!”


Sharin, AGMA Opera Singer


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